Become A Paytm Service Agent And Earn Good Money

It is a world of technology today. The past twenty – twenty five years of our life has witnessed drastic changes, or thirty years back, who would have thought that without a penny or cash, we would be able to purchase entire month’s groceries, clothes, books or anything you name. Just a few taps on your smart phone and you’re done with the payment. This is today’s digital India.

Paytm is one such digital payment app, that provides you with lots of facilities and opportunities. Yes, you read it right. It does give you a career opportunity as well. Today Paytm has a community of over 20 million merchants and business owners.

You can become a Paytm service agent of this one of oldest apps and earn up to 30,000 rupees per month or even more. This article will give you a detail of how you can earn money by becoming a Paytm Service Agent.


For becoming a Paytm service agent, you should have the following minimum requirements:-

You should be 18 Years or above.

Own an Android Smartphone.

Have strong Communication & Networking skills.

Documents Required:-

For becoming a PSA or Paytm Service Agent, you need to submit the following documents:-

  • Copy of your Aadhaar Card
  • Copy of your highest educational certificate

How to become a PSA or Paytm Service Agent:-

To become a PSA, you should follow the following steps:-

  • access the Paytm App and sign in to your Paytm Account.
  • Launch the Paytm App on your smartphone.
  • The option to search for Paytm Service Agent is displayed. tap on that.
  • Tap the ‘Apply Now’ button if one is available. A form will appear.
  • Enter all your necessary information such as your Name, Email, Educational Qualification etc.
  • Now, choose an online-course time to learn instructional activities about Paytm Service Agent. Sign up for the Webinar to know more about the Program.
  • This webinar is conducted on every Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday for the new joinees at 11 am and every Monday, Wednesday and Friday for Existing Paytm Service Agents at 11 am.
  • To finish the registration procedure, upload an image of your Aadhaar card (front and back), your highest education certificate, and your recent photo.
  • You will now be required to take a selection test consisting of five questions, at least three of which you must successfully answer. Each question will carry ten points.
  • After successful enrolment, a merchandising kit will be delivered to your location within 7 working days. It will include the following items:-
  1. Identity card, Paytm bag, tape, and a black marker. 10 – Sun packs and standees
  2. 50 Paytm accepted stickers and QR code sticker Existing
    Paytm Service Agents.


What You Can Do

After becoming a Service agent, you can do many things such as Pay bills of gas, landline, electricity and DTH, make bookings of movies, Mobile Postpaid service, Cable TV, Train, Bus, Flight booking for customers or facilities related to Gold loan, Insurance, Bank etc and  sell Paytm financial services like Sound Box, Card machines, Paytm FastTag etc. In return, you can earn commission on these transactions.


Monetary Benefit

With this income opportunity, you can easily earn up to Rs.30,000 per month or even more depending on your time and efforts taken to on-board as many merchants. More the merchants will be, more the money would be. Payouts are basis of the services you sell. The payout of certain services are immediate, some weekly and some monthly. You are provided all of these information in the webinar.


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